About Us

   Allison graduated from The Georgia Medical Institute in 2006. With over 10 years of experience in the field of Massage Therapy she is excited to be our Practice Manager and helping to train new LMTs of the future! Allison has specialized in Lymphatic Drainage for surgery patients pre/post op, Arthrossage for treatment and prevention of arthritic conditions, and perfected the skills of massage for Stress Reduction and Relaxation. When not in the office, Allison manages the Clinic and Instructs at the Peachtree City School of Massage. She is also a CPR instructor for the American Heart Association. She is a resident of Senoia and enjoys spending time with her husband, son and pup Misty!


   Tanya Petty LMT USPTA is now a partner at Hands on Healing Massage Therapy. Tanya has a dedication to learning and growth within her field of study, 18 months after graduation from Massage School and she has completed over 300 continuing education hours! She loves to learn as well as educate her clients. Tanya has gained great strides in helping clients with relaxation, muscular issues, as well as pain management. Her other modalities include Myofascial Release, Prenatal and Postnatal massage, Lypossage (body contouring), Lymphatic Drainage as well as post-surgical Lymphatic Drainage. She has Rocktape FMT (Basic and Advanced), and Rocktape Blades under her belt; and do not think she is anywhere without a roll of RockTape and her IASTM/ Blade (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation) tools. Myofascial cupping, Oncology massage, Medical massage, and MET (Muscle Energy Techniques) are currently being added to her list of specialties.

Her experience includes offering services at the ITF wheelchair event where she worked on a former world No. 1 and Grand Slam champion, as well as other top wheelchair players in the world. She is heading to The South Championships (pickleball) where her and her team will be the massage therapists on site.

As an avid tennis and field hockey player and Tennis Teaching Professional (USPTA), Tanya has a good understanding of functional movement patterns aiding in ROM and flexibility muscle manipulation for those she works on. Her other activities include Marketing, Falconry, Culinary Arts, travelling, her fur babies, and more food!!  


   Rebecca believes in the body's ability to heal itself and utilizes her expertise to assist in this process. She graduated from The Peachtree City School of Massage with focus on deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage. Through compassionate careful listening she addresses physical issues, gently ushering your body towards its own natural healing abilities. She strives to make each session on her table meaningful for your life that day, guiding your body toward peace, balance and relaxation. 








   Peggy is certified in Neuromuscular Therapies by the International Academy of Neuromuscular Therapies. She has trained in Emotional Release with Essential Oils with the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education by taking classes in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. and Peachtree City, Ga. She trained in Lomi lomi in Hawaii and has completed Levels 1 & 2 in Medicupping.  Peggy is constantly studying and learning new techniques and ways to better serve her clients. During sessions she combines various therapies and techniques to offer a custom session that best meets the needs of each individual client. She enjoys working with clients with Muscular Dystrophy, Scoliosis, and Spondylosis.  Peggy feels blessed to be able to use the training she receives to offer clients comfort and improved mobility. She also enjoys working with the elderly.  Her granddaughter thinks she is already there!


  Amy is an inspirational catalyst toward change and improvement in everyday living. Her natural ability to connect will empower you to develop trusting, harmonious and loving relationships while setting strong boundaries with yourself and those you love.

A certified life and career empowerment coach, graduate of Michigan State University and CTI (www.thecoaches.com) one of the more rigorous coaching  programs in the industry.  Amy brings her passion, 11 years of coaching experience and an enormous tool chest of techniques that are sure to empower your best self to shine through. She is a leader in the conscious creation community and is here to support more of your best self via a mix of modalities including; mindfulness, meditation and laughter, daily.  If you seek more fun and true living – Amy is your gal.  Your life will be forever changed because you met her.  On her ‘off’ hours you will find her exploring, studying whole living, kayaking, practicing yoga and making natural toilet cleaner all the while enjoying the journey! 

Areas of expertise: career, relationships, grief, and addiction.